Do know, as per Business Today, there is an increase in social media and digital content consumption by 87% during and post lockdown in the COVID19 era. Various statistics prove how digital consumption has boosted and how many average hours people around the globe are spending online. So here is a piece of evidence supporting my statement. This evidence supports the information and predicts that social media and digital content consumption will rise in the coming years.

These parameters state that social media and digital content will dominate the online market with its audience spending most of the time online. Don't you think utilizing this opportunity to present your ads to your potential consumers is the best time? This is the time if you create your presence online, it will stay on the internet in front of netizens forever. Your consumers won't only see your company online, but it will also increase your sales. It will also bring in more loyal consumers to your brand.

CONTENT IS KING BILL GATESnobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes its an ad.LEARN FROM YOUR UNHAPPY CUSTOMER BILL GATESMarketing is not the art of finding  clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.logo

Getting sales and lead or creating a brand online is so difficult these days. As per our data, these days, if your ad doesn't hook your viewer within 5 seconds, there is an 80% chance that they will skip your ad the next minute.

Who are we?

This is where ADSX comes in. We understand your goals. Here at ADSX, we will create strategies with your reviews and launch advertising/marketing campaigns that will hook the user till the end. Because here at ADSX, we love to create ads and design with X factor. By the way, here X stands for uniqueness.

We have a complete solution to your problems in the online world.

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